Vangie R

Great Orca Adventure

Reviewed July 25, 2014
We saw two pods of Orcas and it was worth watching. It took the captain a while to locate the whales and went to the Canadian border to find them. . When we finally found them it was about time to turn around and head for Friday Harbor. However, we stayed and watched those whales and followed them for quite a while, I was surprised. Also, they have a person on board who takes photos of the whale, so you don't need to and they will send you a copy of those photos taken on your trip to your e-mail address. It is a long trip out to find the whales so just be prepared to be out two to three hours. It is a bigger boat than the others, they get just as close and there is plenty or room to move around and take photos.


Your Odyssey begins in Friday Harbor...

Just steps away from the ferry landing in Friday Harbor you will embark upon the Odyssey. Built in 1941 this converted U.S. Navy search and rescue vessel welcomes you aboard to experience her class and comfort as you cruise the San Juans...

Elizabeth B

Knowledgeable Naturalists

Reviewed July 24, 2014
Great trip out to see whales. The naturalists on this trip were outstanding and incredibly knowledgeable. Best part, they found it hard to contain their own enthusiasm and passion on the trip and that was incredibly infectious. Even had we not seen whales (which we did), the education alone would have been worth the trip. I'm not a newcomer to the Southern Resident Killer Whale Population, but even I learned new things.


You’ll set sail into the San Juans in search of...

~ Orca whales
~ Steller sea lions
~ Harbor seals
~ Bald eagles
~ Harbor porpoise
~ Dalls porpoise
~ Gray whales
~ Pigeon guillemots
~ Sea gulls
~ Black oyster catchers
~ Great blue heron

Kiley M

AWESOME staff and a great experience!

Reviewed July 24, 2014
San Juan Excursions was an incredible group of people. After doing some research about the millions of different whale watch companies in the San Juans, I chose San Juan Excursions for their guaranteed orca sighting or a trip for free. I have always wanted to see the whales and was a member of the Whale Museum for a long time with 2 adpoted orcas. The naturalists were awesome and pointed out certain whales to us and identified most of them. I had an awesome experience here and they will have me as a customer every time I am on the San Juans for a visit.


You’ll cruise the San Juan Islands in style & comfort

The Odyssey's multi level wrap around viewing decks provide space, open air, comfort, and lots of warm sunshine!


A really great trip!

Reviewed July 22, 2014
I just returned from a trip to Seattle and the San Juan's. my number one priority was a whale watching excursion. My friend booked this company and I knew nothing about them coming into the excursion. The 3 naturalists on board were adorable and so enthusiastic and informative! We DID see 12 orcas on our trip! I couldn't have been more excited! The crew was great about offering to take group pics, give out binoculars, and answer any questions! They helped make the trip even more fun! Only disappointment is when there were still so many whales around and we had to leave! They emailed us the pictures one of the crew members was shooting with her big camera, so we didn't have to keep our iPhones up on our faces constantly!


Our Orca Whale Guarantee:

We know you work hard for your vacation dollars and for this reason we will offer you another trip for free if you do not see orcas on the day of your trip. The chances of seeing the orcas is very high during May through September, but since the whales are wild and can swim over one hundred miles per day, occasionally they move out of our cruising area. In those rare cases, we will give you a free pass to come again. This free pass or rain check has no expiration date and can be used the next day or five years from now.


Had a great day!

Reviewed July 22, 2014
The naturalists on the boat with us were knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They understood that their customers are not scientists and treated us respectfully as guests in their world. The balance between imparting knowledge and having a good time was perfect! I definitely recommend this outfit and hope to use them again myself.


You'll stay warm in the Odyssey's spacious and heated cabin.

The Odyssey's main salon is equipped with padded seating, large viewing windows, tables, two restrooms and a snack bar.


Perfect Day!

Reviewed July 20, 2014
My husband was a little worried about the price of this excursion (over $300 for a family of four) but it was worth every penny. We had an amazing day with San Juan Excursions and would not change one thing! The staff on board were fantastic! Captain Pete was great at finding the Orca pods and the three naturalists were wonderful. The naturalists walked around the boat explaining what we would (hopefully) see on the way out and gave some short lectures n the way back. On the day we went on the trip, we saw over 35 different whales from three pods. Some Orcas swam quite close to the boat and offered an opportunity for great photography. Also, the naturalists took photos and emailed them to us after the trip. They also had binoculars you could use while on ship. The trip was absolutely spectacular - an opportunity of a lifetime. We picked this line because it had a larger boat with a restroom. My husband tends to get motion sick and he did not get sick at all during our trip. I would highly recommend this excursion company!


You'll see and learn about the orca...

Each whale and wildlife cruise is joined by two certified marine naturalists who will provide an informative and entertaining experience. You'll learn about what the whales eat, where they travel, how many there are, how their families stick together, how they communicate ( when conditions are right you can hear the sound of the whales via our hydrophone ), how to identify the orcas, and much more.


Great way to see the Orcas

Reviewed July 19, 2014
The crew was educated and knowledgeable about the wildlife and the habitat besides the Orcas. The boat was comfortable, clean and provided shelter from the elements when it got a little chilly. They gave a discount for triple AAA which was a plus. They had blankets and binoculars onboard for the patrons at no charge and the snacks were reasonable. Top notch crew.


You'll experience more than just whales...

Be prepared to see more than just orca whales and don't forget to bring along your camera to capture the variety of bird life, marine life, and diverse geological formations.


Whale Watching on the Odyssey

Reviewed July 19, 2014
My family had a wonderful time on our excursion. We saw a pod of transient whales, watched them hunt and celebrate their kill. Fortunately we weren't close enough to see the actual kill. We also saw harbor seals and bald eagles and deer on one of the islands. Captain Pete did a great job pointing out the wildlife. Brittany was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It's so nice to see someone who loves their job! The pictures the naturalists took were much better than mine and I appreciate that having access to them was included with the ticket price. I requested this tour as a birthday present and it was the best gift ever!!


After 3 to 4 hours of whale watching you'll return to Friday Harbor...

Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the local shops, markets, galleries, seafood restaurants and museums.

Please give us a call if you have any question about getting to the islands, where to stay, what else to do, etc.... we're happy to help.

Kim G


Reviewed July 17, 2014
What a spectacular time we had whale watching! We lucked out on the weather for sure and saw whales for over an hour. The staff at San Juan Excursions were very knowledgeable and friendly. Best spot for viewing is up top I thought. It was nice to have the extra blankets they provided because we got a little cold. We will return! :)


Reviewed July 16, 2014
The ship was clean and very well maintained. The captain and entire crew were very friendly and pointed out numerous items of interest in addition to the killer whales. The crew also gave several small "mini-lectures" on various topics, which were really interesting. if you are going to see the killer whales, this is by far the best way to do it. Would also recommend watching the documentary "BLACK FISH" before you go. It will give you a much better appreciation of these majestic animals, and hopefully inspire you to contact the Oceanic Preservation Society to help with their cause.

Whale Watching with San Juan Excursions

Reviewed July 13, 2014
This was my first whale watching activity and it was an astounding/exhilarating experience. The naturalists on board the boat were very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely patient with me and my questions. The wild life was fun to watch and the eagle eyes of the crew made it possible for all of us to see and enjoy the experience without missing the moment. It was a great time and I will be doing it again. My only wish is that we get the same crew again. . . . it was absolutely fantastic! (I even learned things I have never even thought of - what an education!!!!)


Reservations Line: 800-809-4253