Kim G


Reviewed July 17, 2014
What a spectacular time we had whale watching! We lucked out on the weather for sure and saw whales for over an hour. The staff at San Juan Excursions were very knowledgeable and friendly. Best spot for viewing is up top I thought. It was nice to have the extra blankets they provided because we got a little cold. We will return! :)


Your Odyssey begins in Friday Harbor...

Just steps away from the ferry landing in Friday Harbor you will embark upon the Odyssey. Built in 1941 this converted U.S. Navy search and rescue vessel welcomes you aboard to experience her class and comfort as you cruise the San Juans...



Reviewed July 16, 2014
The ship was clean and very well maintained. The captain and entire crew were very friendly and pointed out numerous items of interest in addition to the killer whales. The crew also gave several small "mini-lectures" on various topics, which were really interesting. if you are going to see the killer whales, this is by far the best way to do it. Would also recommend watching the documentary "BLACK FISH" before you go. It will give you a much better appreciation of these majestic animals, and hopefully inspire you to contact the Oceanic Preservation Society to help with their cause.


You’ll set sail into the San Juans in search of...

~ Orca whales
~ Steller sea lions
~ Harbor seals
~ Bald eagles
~ Harbor porpoise
~ Dalls porpoise
~ Gray whales
~ Pigeon guillemots
~ Sea gulls
~ Black oyster catchers
~ Great blue heron


Whale Watching with San Juan Excursions

Reviewed July 13, 2014
This was my first whale watching activity and it was an astounding/exhilarating experience. The naturalists on board the boat were very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely patient with me and my questions. The wild life was fun to watch and the eagle eyes of the crew made it possible for all of us to see and enjoy the experience without missing the moment. It was a great time and I will be doing it again. My only wish is that we get the same crew again. . . . it was absolutely fantastic! (I even learned things I have never even thought of - what an education!!!!)


You’ll cruise the San Juan Islands in style & comfort

The Odyssey's multi level wrap around viewing decks provide space, open air, comfort, and lots of warm sunshine!

Kathleen D

Gold Can Stay

Reviewed July 11, 2014
There is a saying that nothing gold can stay, but the memories my brother, his kids, and I will have of this whale watching tour will last a lifetime. We saw whales, porpoises, seals, and amazing breathtaking dazzling scenery. On the way there I had many questions and when I called the staff answered all of them patiently and quickly. The staff and surroundings were actually so enjoyable that it would have been worth it even it we had not seen any whales. The company was very honest that not seeing whales could be a possibility because they are wild animals that no one can control, but I would do it again in a heartbeat because it is a great adventure even without seeing whales. The only thing I would do differently is I would not have driven our car on the ferry. If I do this again with any group I would park the car in Anacortes and just walk on the ferry to Friday Harbor. You don't need a car there. You can walk straight off the ferry right to the whale watching place. Having a car was actually a handicap because my brother had to try and find parking before the whale watching boat left and that was tricky. I strongly recommend any age of person, couple, or group doing this excursion but try to avoid having to take a car to Friday Harbor, and if you do take a car get there at least an hour before the whale watching tour leaves so you have time to park and maybe even get a bite to eat.


Our Orca Whale Guarantee:

We know you work hard for your vacation dollars and for this reason we will offer you another trip for free if you do not see orcas on the day of your trip. The chances of seeing the orcas is very high during May through September, but since the whales are wild and can swim over one hundred miles per day, occasionally they move out of our cruising area. In those rare cases, we will give you a free pass to come again. This free pass or rain check has no expiration date and can be used the next day or five years from now.


Great guides, lovely scenery

Reviewed July 8, 2014
We had a great time seeing the whales and learning about them and other wildlife in the area from our informative and friendly guides. Our boat looked much more comfortable than other tour companies out looking for the whales. We probably saw and followed 10 whales. Understandably, you can't get too close to the pods, but they take pictures for you, and will e-mail them to you at no cost. If you're coming from Seattle, I recommend staying the night - it's a long, long day otherwise. Enjoy!


You'll stay warm in the Odyssey's spacious and heated cabin.

The Odyssey's main salon is equipped with padded seating, large viewing windows, tables, two restrooms and a snack bar.

Cristina K

Great Whale Watching Tour Guides

Reviewed July 6, 2014
My family had an amazing experience on this tour. Not only was it a beautiful day with lots of whales nearby, but the naturalists were so knowledagable and approachable and passionate, that time NOT spent looking at whales was just as enjoyable as anything else. I learned a lot from the 3 women on the crew, things about the pods that only those intimately familiar with the whales could have illucidated. They were friendly, fun and inspirational. Captain Pete did an great job getting us near the wonderful whales and pointed out other animals and points of interest too. Not too near--that's against the rules and harmful to the whales. No matter where we were on the boat, these whale experts were engaging those of us on board with information, photos and stories. Before booking this tour, I was worried that boat tours might be harmful in some way to whales. I know now that everyone affilated with this company is fully invested in the safety of the whales and totally trustworhty. It was great.


You'll see and learn about the orca...

Each whale and wildlife cruise is joined by two certified marine naturalists who will provide an informative and entertaining experience. You'll learn about what the whales eat, where they travel, how many there are, how their families stick together, how they communicate ( when conditions are right you can hear the sound of the whales via our hydrophone ), how to identify the orcas, and much more.


Awesome experience!

Reviewed June 30, 2014
My family -- 3 generations aging 9 to 70 -- really enjoyed our afternoon on the Odyssey with Captain Pete and 3 very informative and entertaining naturalists. It happened that the clouds cleared a bit and we had sunshine for most of the trip! We enjoyed seeing many harbor seals (only a couple of days before they were due to give birth) and a bald eagle in a tree above its nest, but the real thrills came from the J Pod orcas we saw near Eagle Point at the south end of San Juan Island. We had guests from Germany and India and all were thrilled at the sight of these beautiful creatures. Every breach and spy hop was greeted with cries of delight, even moreso when a mother and baby came very close to our boat! I understand that now (late June) is one of the best times to see the orcas. One couple had gone in spring and this was their 3rd try. This company guarantees you will see whales or you get the next trip free. They also provide binoculars with some form of idea as collateral. There is a snack bar and plenty of seating as well as a wrap-around deck for viewing. I spent 3 of our 3.5 hours outside and am now very sunburned. Don't forget sunscreen! Another perk is that one of the naturalists takes professional-level photos which they share via email with anyone wanting them, so you don't need great equipment or skills to get memorable photos! It's a great value! We had a Groupon deal and I believe they also give senior and AAA discounts to be sure to ask. VERY nice staff all around!


You'll experience more than just whales...

Be prepared to see more than just orca whales and don't forget to bring along your camera to capture the variety of bird life, marine life, and diverse geological formations.


Made our trip to Friday Harbor worth it!”

Reviewed June 28, 2014
Felt like being out on the water with family. The boat was homey and comfortable. The crew was warm, friendly and truly knowledgeable about the sea life. Their love of the orcas really shines through. Thanks for a fantastic day!


After 3 to 4 hours of whale watching you'll return to Friday Harbor...

Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the local shops, markets, galleries, seafood restaurants and museums.

Please give us a call if you have any question about getting to the islands, where to stay, what else to do, etc.... we're happy to help.


What a day to spend an afternoon

Reviewed June 23, 2014
The crew is exceptional . . . smiles always . . . positive attitudes! After seeing a beautiful mother Humpback and her calf we were ecstatic, and were overwhelmed when we received free return trips because we did not see an Orca. Wait . . . Humpback verses Orca . . . are you kidding. We saw a whale and a whale calf. Wow, in a day when a person's word does not mean what it used to, this team means what they say. You may see a myriad other sea life, but if you do not see an Orca you get a free return trip with no expiration date for that return. Great stand up company!
Jo-Ann K

Orcas at Friday Harbor

Reviewed June 20, 2014
The crew was amazing! Very friendly and knowledgeable. The whale watching that day 6/17 was incredible we saw 16 different whales and they came up to the boat for great pics best day ever! .

Excellent whale-watching trip

Reviewed June 19, 2014
The whole experience with SJ Excursions was great. The naturalists on board were Debbie and Brittany. Brittany was very passionate about whales and told us stories about the entire family of whales we were about to see - which made the trip exciting. And we were lucky to spot 8 whales in our trip. They then shared wonderful photos of the whales we saw during our trip too. Overall, a great experience and I highly recommend it.
Rajeev K

Whale Watching with Friends and Family

Reviewed June 19, 2014
Whale watching experience was really great, thanks to San Juan excursion staffs. They had a story to tell about each whale, so by the time you see the whales, you already know them. The vessel was good with heated cabin inside which has coffee and snacks. The ride is about 3 to 3.5 hours depending on where you spot your whales. They took us to a 30 minutes extra drive just to see another kind of whales which were passing by which was great and felt that they went out of the way just to make us happy :). San Juan Excursion have more information about whales and they do their work with lot of passion.(get ready for a small biological class :)).
John M

7th Grade Marine Adventure

Reviewed June 18, 2014
Excellent time on the water with 54 7th grade students on their Marine Adventure field trip. We all appreciated the knowledge, positive energy, friendliness, and professionalism of Captain Pete, Jerusha, and Brittany. It's a trip I look forward to every year!

Great Tour and Knowledgeable Crew!

Reviewed June 16, 2014
We had a great experience with San Juan Excursions. I was very impressed by the knowledgeable crew and how they interacted with all of the people on the tour. They spent a lot of time educating us about the whales and had a real passion for their jobs. I loved the photography service they provided. While we watched and enjoyed the whales, the staff was taking photos for us, and then provided them FREE of charge! I have been on many tours who take photos, then charge a large fee for them at the end of the day. Not the case here! Also, they have a wonderful "Orca Guarantee". Since we didn't see any Orcas on the day of our tour (we did see a mother humpback and her baby), we got a voucher to come back for another tour, free of charge, with no expiration date! I would definitely recommend this tour company and would take another tour with them if I return to San Juan Island someday.
Luke R

Truly amazing

Reviewed June 14, 2014
It was amazing! For the first time I've had the opportunity to see wild Orcas in the ten years I've lived on San Juan Island, and it was truly inspiring. The crew for the day was Captain Pete, Jerusha, and Melissa. They did a wonderful job at pointing out wildlife from afar by nothing more than behavior. When the Odyssey got out past False bay where J-pod had been reported they almost immediately started pointing and naming each of the Orcas almost as soon as their dorsal fins rose above the surface!
g s

Great Experience

Reviewed June 13, 2014
We greatly enjoyed our experience with San Juan Excursions. The crew was extremely knowledgable about the environment and the whales, each showed a strong passion and respect for the wildlife. They spent a great deal of time answering questions and educating passengers about the whales and the Puget Sound in general. One of the crew members took pictures of the orcas we saw on our trip and then e-mailed them to us free of charge. This allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience without attempting to get "the perfect shot". While some may be driven by profit this company seemed set on providing a great experience.
Elizabeth Z

Worth the $

Reviewed June 13, 2014
My wife and I had a few days to spare so we decided last minute to head up to the San Juan Islands. My wife has always wanted to see Orcas, especially in the wild so we decided to do a whale watching trip. After evaluating several outfitters, we decided to go with San Juan Excursions and are pretty pleased we did!. In selecting San Juan Excursions, one of the determining factors in picking them, was their guarantee that we would see orcas or be given a voucher for another trip and positive reviews. The trip itself was great! The boat, The Oddessy is a medium sized boat, with plenty of space to move about and find a quiet corner or area away from others to take in the beauty of the surroundings and watch for other wildlife. We were fortunate to see many orcas from the j-pod up close. My wife loved it! The two naturalists, were great! Positive, informed and passionate about the Orcas, and the area's wildlife. We were very pleased in how much they engaged people on the boat and followed up with questions. In a nutshell, I'd recommend this outfitter and will definitely go on another trip with them again next time we are in the San Juans.


Reservations Line: 800-809-4253